Comparing DENAS therapy to TENS therapy

Coach Jimmy K. here friends with this weeks topic on neuropeptides and beta endorphins and the biggest question….

Why is Denas different from other therapies?

Through 1000’s of hours or research and training and personal experience and usage of the TENS therapy and DENAS therapy we have come to this conclusion. Comparing Denas technology and results to TENS technology and results would be like trying to compare a Frisbee to a UFO…..

The only technology that comes close is SCENAR. Several companies produce and market SCENAR but their devices are very expensive and they tend to market to Clinics, Physical Therapist and the wealthy that can afford their products. DENAS MS Corporations prototype was designed by Alexander Kerasev the inventor of SCENAR in 1998 and was named 032 proton and sold until 2000. At that time DENAS MS created the advanced SCENAR technology now called DENAS. Dynamic Electro Neuro Adaptive Stimulation which uses and scientific blend of SCENAR, Acupuncture and Chinese Meridian Science.

Denas MS corporations vision is to produce an advanced version that is compact portable and easy to use with a price that is affordable to individuals, athletes and families #DENAS devices are currently used in Hospitals, Clinics, Emergency services and therapist offices as well as personal use in Russia, Europe, UK. It’s popularity is growing worldwide with close to 3 million satisfied customers.

Further studies show:.

While using Denas therapy there are no negative side effects and are safe and effective unlike other conventional drug treatments and physiotherapy.
Denas therapy is a non-drug, non invasive treatment. Through biofeedback the pulses of the device are as close in shape to the impulses of the central nervous system ever changing during the exposure so that the next impulse is always different from the previous one. By this continuous change of impulse the body does not put up a barrier like it does to TENS therapy signals. This, combined with the high-amplitude signals communicate through the C- Fibers which make up 90% of the body’s nerves, #DENAS therapy releases neuropeptides and endorphins throughout the body. These neurotransmitters have a tag-team effect. The beta endorphins knockout the pain while the neuropeptides help mend and heal the affected area.

This is accomplished without conventional drugs with no side effects and non habit forming. This technology was created in Russia in the early 1970’s and was top secret until the collapse of the USSR in 1991 #DENAS is used worldwide and has over 2 million customers worldwide. It’s therapy is used in Hospitals and Clinics throughout Russia, Europe, UK, Canada and South America.

Effects of DENS-therapy:
1-Normalization of metabolism,
2-Normalization conduction and repair of the nerve fiber,
3-Normalization of hormonal levels,
4-Normalization of neurovegetative functions,
5-Normalization of vascular tone,
6-Stimulation of repair processes,
7-Stimulates the of regeneration tissues,
8- Analgesic Effect
9- Anti inflammatory
10- Reduces Edema
11- Improves local blood circulation
12- Anti-allergic
13- Cost effective Healthcare

Denas is available for personal use and is your answer for Drug free health solutions. For more information visit our Web Store


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