Athletics and Sports Medicine


Denas Pin 2











Athletes, Team Sports, Bodybuilders, MMA Fighters, Physical Therapist and Sports Medicine can benefit from this Denas technology. Scenar therapy was Russia’s athletes top secret weapon in the Olympics for decades. Used for fast muscle recoverfy from back injuries, muscle injuries, shoulder, knee and joint injuries sustained in intense competition of individual sports and team sports during the Olympics. When other athletes would be sidelined, Russia’s athletes would quickly overcome injuries through its use. In 1991 when the USSR dissolved, Scenar technology made it’s way to Australia, UK, Europe, Canada and slowly around the world. Certified as a medical device, by the Russian Ministry of Health, as safe and effective for use by doctors, physical therapist, and athletes.

In 1998 Denas MS Corporation created a more advanced technology by blending Chinese traditional acupuncture with Scenar technology, along with biofeedback. Use the device during competition, at home, before and after practice, or on the road to increase your energy and recover from injuries faster.

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