Drug Free Relief from Menstrual Pain

Denas Menstrual 3

There are many types of pain that women deal with throughout life from childbirth to everyday aches and pain. A recurring cycle of pain is menstrual pain. Depending on each individual the pain can be mild to intense. Until now they have generally used pills or herbal remedies that may have other side effects.

Denas Technology is light years ahead of the USA in this field. Their specialty is Pain, any and all form of pain, Acute and Chronic. The Denas PCM 4 has a automated preset mode for menstrual pain and from clinical trials and feedback that we have had, the pain is relieved within 15 minutes, and it’s drug free.

Its technology is neurological and using transmissions of electrons through the skins neuro receptor transfers a frequency from the point of pain origin, that the human brain understands. In return the brain signals the pituitary and hypothalamus to use its natural medicine chest to knock out the pain and address the internal issues that the body is faced with.

Another of the body’s miracle workers are called Neuropeptides.There are many different kinds of neuropeptides with different functions. Depending on the program and what frequency the neuropeptides can effect respiratory, digestion, blood circulation, nerve regeneration, metabolism, analgesia and many more.

We feel that Denas Technology and therapy is the solution to menstrual pain. With decades of documented test in hospitals and clinics with a 85% success rate makes Denas the choice of Millions worldwide. We offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, Free Lifetime Training and Support, Free Medical Consultation for our Customers, and Customer Service second to none.


For more information about DENAS products contact Denas Pain Relief Store, Located in Portland Oregon , Your USA Connection for Health & Wellness Products, Support & Training. They offer one on one customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 503-395-4142 . Customers also receive free lifetime training via, phone, email, Skype and You Tube Training videos

Denas Pain Relief Store offers Lightning Fast Same Day Shipping to provide our USA customers delivery coast to coast in 2 days. We also deliver Worldwide by Express Air.


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