Comparing Diadens PCM 3 to DENAS PCM 4


Comparing Diadens PCM 3 to DENAS PCM 4

Today we want to address the number one question that we receive at Denas Pain Relief Store. Which is what are the main differences between the Denas PCM4 and the DiaDens PCM3. The format that I will use is PCM 3 -vs- PCM 4.

1) The DiaDens PCM3’s menu is in English while the Denas PCM4’s menu is in Russian but Denas Pain Relief Store will provide an English Translation manual to understand how to use you device without any problems.

2) The DiaDens PCM3 has 13 preset therapy modes -vs- the Denas PCM4’s 24 preset therapy modes. So for the money the Denas PCM4 is a better value for the extra therapy modes.

3) Both units have the MED ( Minimum Effective Dose ) and Screening Mode

4) The DiaDens PCM3’s warranty covers 2 year period while the Denas PCM4‘s warranty is only 1 year.

5) Both devices include the manual frequency modes of 1.0-9.9, 10, 20, 60, 77, 140, 200, 77/10, 77AM for the owner to chose individual therapy modes.

6) Both devices have a mini USB input for these Denas therapy attachments, Denas applicators, Dens Glasses, Massage Electrodes, Reflexo, Electro Pads and Neuro Therapy garments.

The above information will help you compare the two devices so you can decide which device will fit your needs. 

For more information about DENAS products contact Denas Pain Relief Store, Located in Portland Oregon , Your USA Connection for Health & Wellness Products, Support & Training  Denas Pain Relief Store offers one on one customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 503-395-4142 . Customers also receive free lifetime training via, phone, email, Skype and You Tube Training videos

Denas Pain Relief Store offers Lightning Fast Same Day Shipping to provide our USA customers delivery coast to coast in 2 days. We also deliver Worldwide by Express Air.


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