ROFES Health and Wellness Monitor

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ROFES – Health & Wellness Assessment

The history of the HSC ROFES technology stems from the late 1940’s when Dr. Reinhard Voll, a German medical doctor and engineer, began researching and proving an innovative testing method now known as EAV (Electroacupuncture according to Voll) The Voll Method was documented and proven, in over a decade of hospital studies in Germany. Today it’s widely used throughout Europe by over 25,000 medical practitioners. In the United States it’s currently growing in acceptance particularly by medical practitioners who specialize in “Alternative, Holistic and Biological Medicine” techniques and disciplines.

Through the study of the human body we are familiar with the highly organized and complex Nervous System and the Circulatory System. We consider that all these organs, glands, and systems are physical and chemical in nature. But there is also an unseen component called the Energetic System. This Energetic System is not physical or chemical in its nature. Instead, it is pure energy.

The Chinese have known about this meridian map for over 3,000 years. They have had success in using this knowledge of the Energetic System of the body through the application of Acupuncture techniques for health improvement.

Displays of the existence of this system are seen through the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Systems. This Energetic System is a network of communication pathways and is aware of everything that is going on, even in the smallest corner of your body.

The Energetic System knows the presence of every organism living in your body including all viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. It also knows the functional condition and health level of every cell in your body. The Energetic System is also aware of every toxin and every other factor that influences your state of health. Using current technology we can indirectly measure the Energetic System. The MSA ( Meridian Stress Assessment ) Testing Device indirectly measures the Energetic System by using electricity.

The electro-puncture turned up just in the right moment in the early 1970’s when Soviet scientists were forecasting the health of cosmonauts during long flights. The Scientific Research Institute, which was providing all medical aspects of the USSR space programs, began to develop the idea of Pre-nosological Disagnostic. Finding health problems before their manifestation as symptoms was the purpose of this diagnostics. It allows intervention when the disease begins to develop and helps to avoid serious problems.

Generally speaking, the ROFES testing is an irreplaceable way to dynamic control over ones health and dedicated to the preservation of health, creating conditions by providing physical, psychic and social well being.


General health level

Psycho-emotional state

Functional state of 17 organs & systems

Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar Spine             Stomach

Fatigue Level                                              Pancreas

Neurosis Level                                           Stress Level

Heart & Blood Vessel                                 Pancreas

Immune System                                         Colon

Uterus                                                         Thyroid

Bronchus                                                    Kidneys

Lungs                                                          Prostate

Liver                                                            Adrenals

Urinary Bladder

ROFES Kit Includes:

Wrist Monitor

USB Flashdrive

USB Cable for Tablet or Computer

Carrying Case

Instruction Manual

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