Denas – Pain Relief Without Drugs

DENAS New & Improved SCENAR Technology

Denas Pain ReliefDenas was developed over 30 years ago in Russia for use by the Cosmonauts in space in place of pharmaceutical drugs. This technology has been used by hospitals, clinics and therapist for decades with clinically proven results. In 1998 DENAS MS Corporation created a more advanced technology by blending Chinese traditional acupuncture with SCENAR technology, along with biofeedback, and continues as a forerunner in the field. Through application of this therapy, your body quickly responds to the energy helping reduce or eliminate your body’s acute and chronic internal and external issues, thus allowing your body to heal naturally without the adverse side effects of drugs or pharmaceuticals. DENAS Therapy can be used by all ages from young to old, drug free, herbal and stimulant free, and non-invasive, it’s safe and effective.

Senior Health, Wellness & Pain Solutions

Chronic Back, Neck and Joint Pain are the biggest issues as we grow older in life. Most of this could be brought on by arthritis, osteoporosis, being sedentary, or lifting something wrong. The simplest movement could cause intense back pain, just working around the house or in the garden can bring on aches and strains. Pain has no friends but attacks your knees, shoulders, neck and joints. Until now, Seniors have turned to drugs and pharmaceutical solutions that often have side effects, which becomes a life long regimen of pills. These drugs ease or mask the pain, but never repair or eliminate the cause of the pain. You become caught in a vicious circle, costing you thousands upon thousands of dollars in medical bills as well as drug cost. DENAS therapy is your answer because it is natural, drug free, and non-invasive, compact, portable and easy to use! You can use it at work, home, on the go, even take it on a Cruise! Convenient – No scheduling, waiting or driving to appointments. Your DiaDens PCM Device is always at your service when you want and need to eliminate that back, body and Joint pain, or just a stubborn Migraine. Affordable and cost effective – only pennies a day!

Therapeutic Health and Pain Devices

DiaDens PCM 4, Osteo-Dens, DiaDens-PCM 4 new, Cosmo-Dens, Cardio-Dens, all devices have been through scientific and clinical testing, experimental studies, and have been certified by the Russian Ministry of Health, Medical Device Certification ISO 13485 and European Medical Quality Standard ISO 9001 and are approved for Medical Doctors in Hospitals or Clinics and for use by families at home. Compact, portable and easy to use makes them ideal for therapy at home, work or on the go, and there is no special medical training needed. There are several models and accessories to chose from, please browse our product pages and contact us with any questions.

Athletics and Sports Medicine

Athletes, Team Sports, Bodybuilders, MMA Fighters, Physical Therapist and Sports Medicine can benefit from this DENAS technology. SCENAR therapy was Russia’s athletes top secret weapon in the Olympics for decades. Used for fast muscle recoverfy from back injuries, muscle injuries, shoulder, knee and joint injuries sustained in intense competition of individual sports and team sports during the Olympics. When other athletes would be sidelined, Russia’s athletes would quickly overcome injuries through its use. In 1991 when the USSR dissolved, SCENAR technology made it’s way to Australia, UK, Europe, Canada and slowly around the world. Certified as a medical device, by the Russian Ministry of Health, as safe and effective for use by doctors, physical therapist, and athletes.

In 1998 DENAS MS Corporation created a more advanced technology by blending Chinese traditional acupuncture with SCENAR technology, along with biofeedback. Use the device during competition, at home, before and after practice, or on the road to increase your energy and recover from injuries faster.

Therapy for Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation

DENAS is used by Athletes and Physical Therapist worldwide for Chronic Pain, Acute traumas and rehabilitation from sports related injuries. Using this space age technology that has over 30 years of proven results, the therapeutic effect communicates a need for healing to your brain that invokes your immune system to rapidly address the troubled area in your body. During weightlifting the muscle cells are stressed, stretched and sometimes torn apart, often experiencing back pain or tendonitis. DiaDens PCM 4 Therapy increases circulation, cell repair and reduces downtime from over worked muscles and injuries, therefore rehabilitation time is shortened.  In competitive sports DiaDens PCM 4 Therapy can give you a competitive edge and allow you to maximize your body’s potential. Compact, portable and easy to use makes this a must for every athlete!

Trustworthy and Dependable

DENAS Pain Relief Store is an authorized Web Store of DENAS MS Corporation. Developed 1998 DENAS MS has expanded from Russia to the UK, Holland, Europe, Canada, Australia, U.S.A. and other countries around the world. We have over 2 million satisfied and happy customers worldwide. Our Unmatched Customer Service offers free consultation from the company doctors, a 60 day Money Back Guarantee and free lifetime follow-up training and support via telephone, email and Skype person-to-person. Our products are offered at affordable prices and we ship to USA, Europe, South America and Canada.

Visit our website at for more information.

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