Amazing Tesla Coil PEMF Now Available!!

Sedona Pro Beige unit Carosel pic

Sedona Pro PEMF Wellness System

PEMF technology offers amazing results if you have the proper carrier waves and frequency range. The market is oversaturated with so many choices that leads to mass confusion! Coach Jimmy K has done years of research spending over $50,000.00 purchasing a range of PEMF devices that include the BEMER, iMRS, QRS, OMI, Sota, Almag and many others. All of these PEMF devices do offer some degree of PEMF therapy and results but seem to focus on on carrier wave and a limited frequency range.

Without an electromagnetic exchange between cells, nothing happens in the body. Human chemistry is controlled by natural electromagnetic energy. The body is not healthy if the cells are not healthy.  When a complementary electromagnetic field is introduced into the body, healthy electromagnetic exchanges can be reestablished. This is the reason why PEMFs are considered to be extremely useful; they are capable of stimulating all levels of the body. When applied externally, the PEMF therapy completely penetrates the body and affects individual cells, organs, tissues, and thereby the entire body.

PEMF technology dates back to the 1890’s and Nikola Tesla, then the Russian spent decades improving it through clinical trials. There were many systems created trough research and development but it took the Austrians to perfect it, at least for now because in energy therapy technology it is always evolving. With decades of experience in the field Austrian Franz Zach has brought us the Sedona Pro PEMF Wellness System.

The Sedona Pro PEMF System is built with precision including a mat that has 17 Copper Tesla Coils strategically positioned for maximum cellular exposure. The Pillow features a hefty 8.5 lb Tesla Coil that offers a pure PEMF wave that will penetrate deeper than the competitions inferior coils. Then we have the space age touchscreen controller that is as user friendly as your cellphone! One feature of the Sedona Pro PEMF that stand above other systems on the market is the ability to run the mat and pillow simultaneously.

These can be ran simultaneously at the same time. This means one person can lay on the mat and program a special session for relaxation while another person can use the pillow and program it for lower back inflammation by choosing a separate program, setting and time. You can also purchase a separate Mat and run two mats at the same time using different programs. This is why the Sedona Pro and Pro Plus PEMF Wellness Systems out perform the competition. We will talk about the other features in our next post.

If you would like to learn more about the Sedona Pro PEMF System and what it can offer you and your family or practice call Coach Jimmy K at 503-395-4142 or visit us at

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The SEDONA Pro Plus PEMF Wellness System

The SEDONA Pro Plus PEMF Wellness System is a combination of years of research and modern technology. Our full functioning touch screen allows for easy and very comprehensive use. This is the simplest but most advanced PEMF machine on the market.

Many competitors boast that they have the best wave pulse or the magic frequencies. The SEDONA Pro Plus goes where no PEMF manufacturer has gone before. Franz Zach has decades of experience in this field and has seen the PEMF Technology evolve through the years. Where other companies only offer 1 Wave Form, the SEDONA Pro Plus offers 5 types of wave forms.

The reason for this is every CELL and ORGAN in the human body responds to different wave forms. Then let’s talk frequencies! The competition offers a range of .05hz to 33hz. Once again the SEDONA Pro Plus through years of clinical trials realized that cells, ligaments, tendons, bones and organs need a wide variety of frequencies so the SEDONA Wellness System offers and implements frequencies from 0.01hz to 15,000hz. Once again far superior to other PEMF mats on the market.

Let’s talk programs! The Beamer and IMRS and other PEMF systems offer 3 to 6 programs. The SEDONA Pro Plus PEMF System has 3 programs, Wellness, Relax and Sport, but each Program has 12 different settings for a total of 36 unique programs. Now comes the great part, The SEDONA Pro Plus goes into Warp Speed by including a CUSTOM Program where the practitioner or individual can program 12 different custom settings that they design for a specific application.

Well there’s more great information about the SEDONA Pro Plus PEMF that I will cover in my next blog. If you would like to know more about this Amazing System click here – or call Coach Jimmy K at 503-395-4142 and we will answer any questions that you may have. We also offer financing that will allow anyone to achieve optimum health while addressing many health issues that you may be confronted with.

Denas PCM 6 – Screening Mode

DENAS PCM 6 Screening Mode

Hello everyone this is Coach Jimmy K today we’re going to go over the screening mode on the DENAS PCM 6. This is a mode that pulses electric packets into the skin and tissue and measures the galvanic resistance of the skin. You turn your device on hit arrow down to scroll down to the screening program, press ok and then you’re going to place the electrode all the area of the body that you want to take a screening. Generally I suggest everyone to start with their arms, by placing the electrode on your left wrist it will pulse for five seconds, and then show a number on the screen then you can alternate to the opposite wrist and take a screening there also. Sometimes these readings will be exact numbers but most of the times they will be different for example the left wrist may show up a reading of 5 and the right wrist might have a reading of 62 the higher reading denotes inflammation or internal issues.


So to get started let’s place the electrode face on your left wrist as soon as it makes contact you’ll hear a beeping, it’ll beep for 5 seconds and then display a number on the screen, then alternate to your left wrist take a reading of the wrist and write down the number. Next lets come up to the bend of your elbow place it on the bend of the elbow and take a screening and record the number, then go to the opposite elbow and take a screening there and compare numbers. Unless you are very healthy 75-90% of the time all four numbers will be different.


The screening mode is also a preventative mode allowing you to find issues before they surface. Sometimes the area in which you have pain isn’t exactly what’s causing the pain. For example you may have pain in your shoulder and the pain may be in the front so you take the screening mode placing on the area and take your reading but the reading comes back with a number of 5 that doesn’t denote inflammation. So then you move the device slowly inch by inch around the shoulder taking readings looking for elevated numbers you may find that on the outer part of the shoulder you get a 65 reading and then around the back of the shoulder blade area you get a 82 reading those elevated areas are causing the pain and need to be treated.


The screening mode on the Denas PCM 6 is excellent for finding blockages in the vertebra area going down the spine. Starting up in the cervical region take a reading of the C-1 left and right write them down on a piece of paper or either write on the skin with a dry erase marker. The ratings will vary between 0 and 99 for example as you’re moving down the back and at the C2 vertebra you take a reading and you get three on the left and five on the right that shows little or no inflammation then when you get to the C7 you have five on the left and 62 on the right that shows an inflamed area. Then you work down the thoracic area and as you’re going down you have low numbers left and right but then at the T-7 you have 12 on the left and 82 on the right that also shows and inflamed area. Then we reach the Lumbar area L-1 has a reading of zero left and 5 on the right, L-2 has a reading of 10 on the left and 10 on the right but then L3 has a reading of 22 on the left and 78 on the right that is another inflamed area that needs to be addressed.

So after using the screening mode to look at the spine area we’ve found an inflamed area in the cervical, thoracic and Lumbar Zone that need to be addressed. So now with these three areas of the vertebra that have issues we wanted to decide what protocol what program and what frequency to use. The Denas PCM 6 comes with many programs to treat the back area under programs we have a preset program for back. Also depending on the pain you can use the manual frequencies 200hz or 140hz, and then use 77 hertz 77/20 or 77/10. This is a little more detailed information about the screening mode but it will help you understand how it works.

For more information about the Denas PCM 6 call us direct at 503-395-4142 or visit us online at Denas Pain Relief Store we are located in Portland Oregon. Our customers enjoy maximum result because they will receive Training and Support from Coach Jimmy K who was Trained and Certified by the DENAS Medical Team in Russia in September of 2016. Allowing you to be kept up to date on the latest proper therapy applications as used at the Denas Medical Center in Yekateriburg Russia.

Many people shop around looking for the cheapest price but remember these words of WISDOM……..QUALITY is always REMEMBERED after PRICE is forgotten. There are no online sellers on Amazon, Ebay or other Denas Dealers listed on Google that have been Trained and Certified by the Denas Medical Team. The Denas PCM 6 is user friendly but you need proper training and support from someone that is Committed to your Success, That’s where Denas Pain Relief Store stands above the rest.

After all you could buy a UFO for $50.00 but if you don’t know how to drive it properly to get the maximum results then it’s worthless. Another key issue to consider is when you buy a DENAS device from who knows who on Amazon, or other online sites and you need service or repair, then you must handle the shipping back to Russia and ship it insured and certified. This will cost you over $120.00 and then it will take 2-3 months for repairs,and then you will pay for the return shipping. If your unit happens to be a black market or refurbished unit that was sold on Ebay or Amazon then you will never see your device again because all devices have registered serial numbers.

When you purchase a device from Denas Pain Relief Store you will ship your device to Portland Oregon and we will provide you with a loaner unit until your unit is repaired. We buy direct from the Denas Factory and guarantee authentic Denas products with full manufacturers warranty. You can dial us direct 24 hours a day at 503-395-4142 and reach a live person that can assist you with any questions or concerns. Offering you continued support and peace of mind.


OMI Ring PEMF Therapy


Oxford Medical Instruments

OMI Ring PEMF Therapy

  1. Advantages of PEMF

PEMF provides a strong therapeutic effect that has an analgesic, anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory action upon human organism. OMI PEMF therapy increases microcirculation in tissues and cells resulting in regeneration and activation of metabolic processes.

Using the OMI  PEMF Ring around the reflex zones will result in a stable hypotensive and sedative effect and also improves cerebral circulation. The important characteristic feature of PEMF is that it does not allow adaptation of the organism with its repeated use therefore increasing the repair and restoration of damaged tissue.

The OMI Ring can cause an increase in intercellular and intracellular exchange due to the interaction of charged particles. The magnetic field increases interactions between redox process chemical elements, helping to improve tissue and cell metabolism and enhancing the ionization process.

Large depth and area of penetration allow selecting the treatment of all organs with minimum side effects or allergic reactions.

High therapeutic effect is following a repeated course of treatment and doesn’t build up a tolerance.

Through years of Scientific Studies and Clinical trials in Russia, Europe & USA have also revealed these advantages:

~ Energy Boost

~ Stimulates Release of Neuropeptides

~ Improves Micro Circulation

~ Decreases Swelling, Inflammation & Pain

~ Detoxification Improvement

~ Better Nutrient & Oxygen Uptake

~ Improved DNA & RNA Production

~ Higher Response to IV Infusions

~ Higher Response to Heat Treatment

~ Anti-Oxidation Regulation

~ Stimulates Re-differentiation of Cells

~ Increase ATP Production

– PEMF Therapy Ring for professional and home use.

Safe and easy to use, no training required. – Well made, quality European product!

OMI devices have been on the market for over 10 years. – Control box is solid and well designed. Ergonomically designed

ring applicator. Durable microfiber material, looks and feels

like leather with almost no smell (for those chemically sensitive).

Place around the head, move down to the neck, or slip ring around

legs or arms. – Promotes the body’s regeneration processes, improves physical

and mental well-being, increases energy and vitality. Provides

all of the scientifically proven benefits of PEMF therapy. – 3 Programs to choose from. Set length of session 1 to 30 minutes.

P1: Frequency gradually increases from 3hz to 38hz and then drops back.

P2: Frequency continually and randomly changes between 1hz to 99hz.

P3: You can manually choose the level of frequency you want, between 1hz to 99hz

(this great option is usually available only on systems 3 to 5 times more expensive!) – Waveform is rectangular. Intensity up to 210 microtesla. – 1 Year Warranty – Applicator Ring Size: 11” Diameter

Power supply: AC adapter for USA,

additional adapter for Europe.

The OMI pulsed electromagnetic field therapy ring is one of the most advanced pulsed magnetic devices currently available on the market. The beneficial effects of Earth’s magnetic field are taken for granted by most of us, and we never even think about what life would be like without this. The modern world is saturated with electrosmog (EMF). Natural magnetism is attenuated or masked by electrical, radio, cellular and radar equipment and communications. Our environment is concrete, steel, asphalt, we drive in metal cars. All of these separate us from nature and deprive us of the necessary dose of the natural, vitalizing energy of the earth’s magnetic fields. Similar to sunlight, water, air and gravitation, the magnetic field is another basic biological component of our survival. Exposure to natural magnetic fields is a requirement of human life. These energy fields interact with our cells and are necessary for homeostasis (the dynamic balance of our internal physiological environment) and maintaining our bodies at an optimal level.

Oxford Medical Instruments (OMI) PEMF Therapy Ring is an affordable home use or professional device. This system utilizes the same pulsed electromagnetic field technology as the more expensive systems and is just as effective. OMI PEMF systems are the most popular home use therapy systems in Europe with over 100,000 units sold. They are now available here in North America.

I have wanted to provide a high quality yet affordable PEMF device for years but have not found one that inspired me in terms of quality and low price. There are many excellent PEMF systems on the market, but they are expensive!

The OMI Ring is fabulous! It is made in Europe, easy to use, affordable and highly effective. It also has an option to set the frequency you want manually. This excellent option is usually found only on systems much more expensive.

The Oxford Medical Instruments (OMI) Ring offers 3 programs to choose from. You can also set the length of your sessions from 1 to 30 minutes. It is suggested that using PEMF therapy your cells are “ignited” to a healthy voltage in just an 8 minute session and the effects last 24 hours. However, I like using my PEMF systems for longer sessions.

Program 1) Gradually increases the frequency range from 3hz up to 38hz and then drops back down again.

Program 2) Runs continuously and randomly changes between 1hz and 99hz. This will give the body many different frequencies it can benefit from.

Program 3) You can choose the frequency you want between 1hz and 99hz. This is fantastic option. You can find on the internet the healing benefits of various frequencies and use them as you choose for whatever condition you want.

Available at Denas Pain Relief Store official USA Dealer for OMI products. Call us at 503-395-4142 with any questions or shop online with us

Disclaimer: The information on this page is not created to replace the advice of a physician. No statements are intended to treat or diagnose illness. PEMF devices have been given 501(K) clearance by the FDA but the OMI Ring has not been individually evaluated

OMI PEMF Ring Knee

DENAS PCM 5 ( New 2015 Model )

Denas PCM 5 Pic

DENAS PCM 5 (New 2015 Model)

Professional Compact Device that Delivers Results!

While maintaining all the previous 24 preset programs and therapy modes for first aid and a course of treatment, The New DENAS PCM 5 has been equipped with a fundamentally new feature of “Baby Doctor”

The DENAS PCM 5 new program “Baby Doctor” automatically sets the optimum power band during procedures in children using frequencies between 2 to 5 Hz, Experience has shown working with a higher power will cause the child pain and negative reaction to the impact of DENAS devices. Now there is no fear that the child alone will not benefit through Denas Therapy, and be sure that the procedures are carried comfortably without pain or discomfort.

The device can be used for a long time without causing addiction and reduction of impact in the treatment of pain, movement disorders, rehabilitation after injuries, operations. It features the ability to create individual treatment regimens.

New enhanced Modes have been added to Screening mode of previous Denas PCM 4helps to choose the most appropriate treatment zone. The menu, available at a glance and the machine do the treatment as comfortable and effective for people of any age

Denas-PCM 5’s Therapeutic features are the following:

  • 24 inbuilt automatic programs: allergy, pain, severe pain, bloating, neuro-circulatory dystonia, gynecologic pain, gynecology, hypertension, hypotonia, head, throat, diarrhea, gastro-intestinal pain, constipation, cough, muscles, cold, potency, kidneys, back, joints, nausea, trauma, asthma;

  • Therapy 0,1-9,9 HZ – Ultra-low frequencies for individual selection of stimulation zones.

  • Therapy 10 HZ – Universal therapy for correction of psycho-emotional state and for prolonged effect of Pain relief and internal restoration, The frequency 10Hz develops a lasting regulatory therapeutic effect. 10Hz is a brain frequency

  • Therapy 20 HZ – It’s a basic treatment frequency of biologically active points on hands (Su Jok), feet and ear. Endocrine pathology. Infertility. The frequency 20Hz develops a lasting regulatory therapeutic effect within 20-60 minutes and is observed for several hours. It is also used to prolong the therapeutic effects of other frequencies in internal organs.

  • Therapy 60, 77Hz- special program for therapy of pain, edema, inflammation, rehabilitation in case of spinal and joint diseases; Therapy 140 HZ- Applied in the same therapy as 200Hz- VERY INTENSE pain relief, plus in cases of acute inflammation, pain, acute illness, severe itching (insect bite, allergies), has pronounced decongestant effect, as well as relieving effect.

  • Therapy 140 HZ– Applied for pain relief, plus in cases of acute inflammation, pain, acute illness, severe itching (insect bite, allergies), has pronounced decongestant effect, as well as relieving effect.

  • Therapy 200 HZ – Applied in order to relieve VERY INTENSE pain, in cases of lesions of the musculoskeletal system, pathologies of the peripheral nervous system, traumas and emergency care, lasts from several minutes to one hour. In order to increase the therapeutic efficacy, subsequently an individual may apply lower or ultra low frequencies.

  • Program MED (Minimal Effective Dose) – special regimen for therapy of stress and physical over strain, and for energy levels

  • Therapy 7710 – recharging alternating pulses of 77 Hz and 10 Hz, relaxes, reduces blood pressure, helps to fall asleep, causes a sedated relaxing effect.

  • Therapy 77AM- its use provides effects opposite to those that occur when using the “7710”. This frequency tones, raises blood pressure, relieves drowsiness. Suggested use for toning and cosmetic facial therapy.

  • Screening- is applied for zonal diagnostics. You can find with its help the pathological zones on your body. While you move the unit over a skin, it gives the signal when it is in contact with them. The pathological zones should be treated in Therapy mode.

  • It is now possible to install frequencies in the “test”, “screening” – 10 Hz in the “Therapy” – from 1 to 9.9 Hz – in 0.1; 20, 60, 77, 7710, 77AM, 140, 200 Hz in the “MED” – 10 Hz

  • Ability to connect remote therapeutic electrodes

  • Denas Therapy Application:

When using the machine, be aware that the most pronounced therapeutic effect occurs as a result of exchange rate effects. Its duration is for some diseases 6-8 procedures 8-12 for the other, at least 14-20 procedures.

We recommend purchase additional electrodes:



DENS-applicator pads ,

Massage Electrodes,

There are contraindications. For proper procedures DENS devices, as well as to determine the optimal combination with other treatment is required to read the instructions for use and consult with a specialist.

The kit includes:
– DENAS PCM 5 Device
– Owners Manual in Russian
– Users Guide
– consumer packaging;

Battery type LR6 / AA Specifications: Power supply: 1,5 B LR6 / AA (2 pcs.) Weight: 0.35 kg Dimensions: 145 × 55 × 45 mm 

The DENAS PCM 5 and all Denas products are available at Denas Pain Relief Store located in Portland Oregon. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to assist you in deciding what Denas device or product fits your needs the best. Call 503-395-4142 for more information or to get answers to your questions. Denas Pain ReliefStore ships worldwide and offers Lightning Fast Same Day Shipping for faster delivery. One of the many reasons to shop with Denas Pain Relief Store is you will receive FREE Lifetime customer  support and one on one Training when you purchase from Denas Pain Relief Store

La Terapia DENAS PCM 4

PCM4 pic 6

La Terapia DENAS PCM4

Hola a todos, soy el entrenador Jimmy K con Denas Pain Relief

El video de Youtube de hoy va a ser acerca del PCM Denas 4 y cómo usarlo, una vez que reciba su paquete en el correo lo abre y encontraría el manual del propietario,

Esto es más o menos las instrucciones sobre la forma de operar el Denas PCM 4 y luego tenemos un manual de un Atlas corporal que muestra diferentes puntos de acupuntura y dónde aplicarlo en todo el cuerpo para obtener mejores resultados.

Esos son dos manuales que vienen en la caja, ahora, este es el Denas PCM 4, como se puede ver es compacto, portátil y fácil de usar, puede sostenerlo, lo puede aplicar a diferentes áreas,

En el lado aquí tiene un puerto mini USB y lo que hace eso, es que tenemos diferentes accesorios y usted puede enchufarlos allí mismo en el lado y se puede utilizar los anteojos dens, los aplicadores, y diferentes otros accesorios que tenemos para la terapia Denas.

Así que empecemos, vamos a mostrarle estos fondos aquí mismo, en la parte delantera, para que pueda puede tener una guía de referencia también. El botón inferior es el botón de encendido, y luego tenemos las flechas arriba y abajo, esas desplazan arriba y abajo en el menú, luego tenemos izquierda y derecha, es decir, para la intensidad para aumentar y disminuir la señal eléctrica, entonces tenemos la página de dolor del menú y luego volver a la página anterior.

Así que vamos a activarla y caminar a través del menú, tan pronto como se pone en marcha se puede ver que hay cinco líneas de allí:

1) La línea superior es el programa

2) La segunda línea es la frecuencia

3) La tercera línea es la dosis mínima que afecta

4) La cuarta línea es proyección especial

Y la quinta línea son preajustes de fabricación, que prácticamente sólo dejamos en la forma en que el fabricante los estableció, las luces y los sonidos, ya saben, no hay razón para meterse con ellos.

Así que desplacémonos hasta la parte superior y vayamos al programa, vamos a apretar OK y una vez que apretemos OK vamos a ver que hay muchas palabras que están escritas en ruso, pero en tenemos una guía traducida de manera que se puede ver esa palabra y su significado en Español,

Por lo que vamos a seleccionar la primera, vamos a ir y vamos a presionar el botón y muestra que tiene 10 minutos en esta sesión de terapia luego vamos a ir a subir la intensidad hasta digamos 20, 25, 26 está bien.

Vas a aplicarlo en el punto de dolor o cualquier área en la que usted tenga un problema y va a ver cómo el reloj está andando en dicha sesión de terapia de 10 minutos, ahora, si yo fuera a levantarlo con mi brazo escucharemos un ruido, eso significa que ha perdido el contacto con su piel así que cuando se aplica de nuevo a la piel sonará y empezar de vuelta el ciclo de 10 minutos,

Si lo suelta, hace el ruido , si lo pone de nuevo en la piel emite un sonido y continúa el programa, por lo que aquellos son un par de notas para que usted entienda cuando se está utilizando la máquina.

Ahora volvamos a la página que le lleva de vuelta a ese programa, ahora si queremos volver a otra página nos llevará hasta el programa principal, así que vamos a ir hacia abajo, desplácese hacia abajo una línea y eso nos llevará a las frecuencias , como se puede ver tenemos una 1-9.9 hertz, una 10 hertz, se trata de frecuencias ultra bajas, 20, 60, 77 y continúa hasta 7710 y 77AM,

Ahora 7710 es un modo de baja frecuencia de 77 hertz y 10 hertz, es una especie de un modo relajado, ahora el modo de 200 es para el dolor severo,

Siempre que tenga un fuerte dolor articular, o en el brazo o el cuello o cada vez que lo tenga, va a seleccionar ese y ahora todos estos modos de frecuencia son de ciclos de 30 minutos, .

Así que vamos a ir y a subir la fuerza, dependiendo de la cantidad de electricidad que puede recibir en su tolerancia, demos vuelta hasta 40 para comenzar.

Voy a ponerlo en mi brazo, oh sí, puedo sentirlo venir a través de mi antebrazo allí, y una vez más, si lo levantamos para arriba va a hacer el ruido, si lo ponemos de nuevo va a hacer el chillido, eso significa que va a volver al ciclo, además de que van a ver al reloj avanzando, cada vez que el reloj no está avanzando significa que no está haciendo contacto.

Así que ese fue el modo de frecuencia, vamos a volver, luego de vuelta otra vez y estamos de vuelta en el modo de menú principal, vamos a bajar a dosis mínima que afecta,

La dosis mínima que afecta es para cada vez que digamos tiene una cámara y sólo tiene 30% restante de la batería y digamos que representa a su cuerpo, usted sabe, usted  está cansado, tuvo un largo día, pero realmente le gustaría que algo lo levantase un poquito entonces debe pulsar la dosis que afecta mínimo y después subir la intensidad hasta el nivel de lo que sea la tolerancia con la que desea comenzar, vamos a ir con 35, ahora, cada vez que me aplico esto a mi brazo va a empezar a moverse el reloj, ¿oye ese ruido?

Lo que está haciendo es enviando una señal de bio-retroalimentación a través de la piel, a través del tejido y está tomando una lectura, la lectura es la cantidad de una dosis que necesita en esa zona, que se ve allí, que tomó cerca de 15 segundos para hacer ese brazo y entonces también calcula qué frecuencia esa zona necesita, por lo que es automático,

Ya sabe, no necesita un entrenamiento especial, no es necesario gastar dinero para que alguien le entrene en cómo utilizar la máquina, todo lo que tiene que hacer es mirar nuestros vídeos, leer el manual del usuario y usar la máquina, así que vamos a levantarlo y ahora vamos a ir aquí e ir a este brazo,

Va a hacer de nuevo el chillido, vamos a ver cuántos segundos se tarda en encontrar la frecuencia determinada que necesita en este caso, por lo que sólo fue de unos 10 segundos en ese brazo, por lo que las diferentes áreas del cuerpo necesitan diferentes cantidades de tiempo,

Una persona a la que lo hice esa terapia tenía en sus hombros y en la zona del cuello que estaban tensos y hechos bola, y por lo que tomó como un minuto y medio para obtener una frecuencia en él y entender exactamente lo que estaba pasando en esa zona ,

Así que vamos a quitarlo y pasar a la siguiente opción de menú, de nuevo, aquí vamos, hasta el modo de selección, y lo que es esto, es que se lo va a poner, entonces vamos a colocarlo en el cuerpo, se tarda alrededor de 5 segundos para leer y se obtiene, ve que tiene el número 47 allí,

Así que voy a alternar a mi brazo derecho y tomar una lectura en eso, por lo que es un 40 allí, así que déjenme explicar cómo funciona, cuanto mayor sea el número es donde está el problema en el cuerpo, en el modo de selección se puede tomar esto y puede ponerlo en su muñeca, alternar la muñeca y ver cuál tiene problemas,

Ya sabe, puede que no tenga un fuerte dolor en esa zona, pero puede ser un problema interno profundo y esta pequeña máquina, el Denas PCM 4 está haciendo esa bio-retroalimentación y haciendo una lectura de esa zona, es bastante simple, deje que la máquina haga el trabajo, cuando Denas ms diseñó esta máquina, no la diseñó necesitando tener un doctorado o tener que ir a la escuela de medicina para entender cómo funciona y no tiene por qué pagar a alguien 500 a 1000 a 3000 dólares para enseñarle cómo utilizar la máquina,

Simplemente, lea el manual y haga la aplicación, así que esto es una explicación más o menos de la máquina, es una máquina maravillosa, le decimos a todos que si tuvieran que elegir entre ésta y la Denas PCM 3, preferimos esta porque, déjenme tan sólo apagarla, cada vez que presiona este botón hará una canción y se va a dormir por lo que conserva su batería,

Oh me olvidé de mostrarles arriba por debajo de aquí tenemos donde las baterías están, me pregunto si Duracell me va a pagar una comisión por hacerles publicidad de sus baterías, jaja qué gracioso, por lo que dos baterías más o menos le durarán un mes y medio o dos meses, dependiendo de la cantidad de sesiones de terapia que haga al día,

Aquí están los electrodos que están en contacto con la piel, cada vez que entran en contacto con la piel transmiten la frecuencia a través de la piel a los centros nerviosos y la piel y luego se transfiere esa información al cerebro, por lo que como ya he dicho , se diseñaron pensando en usted, es simple, fácil de usar, espero le haya ayudado a entender un poco más,

Vamos a publicar otros videos en las próximas semanas y bueno yo soy es el entrenador Jimmy K de nuevo con Denas Pain Relief Espero que todos tengan un día saludable y bendito. Adiós.

DENAS Vertebra 2 for Alternative Medicine Practitioners

Vertebra 2 pic 3

DENAS Vertebra 2 for Alternative Practitioners

W/ Coach Jimmy K

The DENAS Vertebra 2 is used in the treatment of acute and chronic pain in the back, the correction of functional disorders in internal diseases, rehabilitation after diseases and surgeries to enhance adaptive capacities of the organism during intense physical and psycho-emotional apparatus nagruzkah.V implemented a fundamentally new way of electro stimulation with a “traveling wave” Utilizing all 48 electrodes in a continuous wave pulsing the preset frequencies along the entire length of the spine from the cerebral zone to the lower lumbar zone.

The DENAS Vertebra 2 is a great addition for Reflexologist, Acupuncturist and Chiropractors. Utilizing advanced SCENAR technology created in Russia over 40 years ago that has proven results. Through Denastherapy utilizing the 48 electrode heads the DENAS Vertebra 2 communicates through the nerve endings to initiate the bodies natural internal pharmacy of Endorphins and Neuropeptides making it Drug free and non invasive.

What distinguishes the DENAS Vertebra 2 from its predecessor? This is a significant increase in the effectiveness of treatment and medical vozmozhnosteyapparata expansion by increasing the number of programs. It is already well familiar to all the programs A, B, C and D, we have added a program E, for which a special algorithm based on biofeedback. This algorithm allows to determine during a session of therapy hidden problem (trigger) zone and carry out individual medical influence aimed at identifying problems in an individual patient

The device DENAS-Vertebra 2 is equipped with five automated programs of

DENAS therapy

:Program A- Is a continuous preset wave used for treatment of stress, neurosis, the correction of sleep disorders; comprehensive treatment of cardiovascular diseases, bronchio pulmonary and digestive systems; increasing the overall resistance of the organism.

Program B- Is for DENAS therapy of acute pain and through zone selection you can treat the cervical, thoracic or lumbar region. Also treats pain surfacing from internal diseases, rehabilitation in the postoperative period.

Program C- Is for Chronic pain that has been around for weeks or months and exacerbation of chronic diseases of internal organs.

Program D- Is used to treat specific localized pain when the subject knows the exact location of pain. By pressing the left button you can chose 5 different locations of treatment down the entire length of the spine.

New! Program E -Individual prevention and treatment of acute and chronic diseases can improve the results of treatment of acute and chronic back pain in the exchange application programs B and C.

The uniqueness of the device allowed to register a new medical technology for using DENAS Vertebra 2 for the treatment of diseases of the spine” *

* Application of the device DENAS-Vertebra in the treatment of spine: Method. Recommendations. – SPb.: SPbMU them.Acad. IPPavlova, 2011. – 20 s.ApplicationWhen using the device, please note that the most pronounced therapeutic effect occurs as a result of a course of treatment. Its duration is for some diseases 6-8 procedures 8-12 for the other, at least 14-20 procedures.

The device may be used:

– As the main method of treatment in case of intolerance of drugs and contraindications to the use of other methods;

– As a component of complex therapy in order to enhance the effects of other therapies;

– As a symptomatic treatment for various diseases and syndromes.

There are contraindications For proper procedures DENS devices, as well as to determine the optimal combination with other treatment is required to read the instructions for use and consult with a specialist.

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Denas Complex Therapy for Osteo Arthrosis

Denas Osteo pic

Denas Complex Therapy for Osteo Arthrosis

  Coach Jimmy K shares Clinical Trials 

Ozhighanov V.F.

City hospital no. 7,

Polyclinics no.1 Kirov, Russia

Osteoarthrosis is a dystrophic disease of joints caused by affection of the articular cartilage. Disease occurrence gradually increases as the people grow older and reaches its maximum at 60-65 years of age. Usually primary (idiopathic) and pulmonary osteoarthrosis are distinguished. Osteoarthrosis is called primary (idiopathic) when it was not possible to find out an immediate cause of its occurrence. Pulmonary osteoarthrosis is a consequence of different diseases, traumas and maldevelopment of the musculoskeletal system. At that, large joints of lower extremities (knee- and hip joints) are mainly affected as well as first metatarsophalangeal articulations. Several causes or risk factors of disease development can often be found in patients with osteoarthrosis. In addition, one patient can have a combination of both primary and pulmonary osteoarthrosis.

For therapy of osteoarthrosis, complex therapy [5] is the most effective. Selection of therapy methods depends on the stage and period of the disease. During acute conditions of the disease a complex of measures is applied aimed at liquidation of the pain syndrome, improvement of the tissues trophism and blood circulation in the affected extremity, increase of the joint stability.

At early stages when the articular cartilage is not affected to a certain extent and with absence of contraindications, the so-called chondro-protective drug therapy is indicated. Therapeutic effect of these preparations in therapy of osteoarthrosis is associated with a favorable influence on the malfunctioning metabolism of the articular cartilage which slows the process progressing down. A clinically pronounced effect of these preparations is achieved only under conditions of their regular and long application [5, 6].

Non-efficiency or short-term effect of repeated course of conservative therapy under progressive disease is an indication for surgical therapy of osteoarthrosis. Basic criteria of the before-operational therapy to be considered inefficient are the following: continuous pains, increase of deformations and joint instability, restriction of joint movement. Modern methods of surgical therapy of osteoarthrosis are aimed at correction of existing biomechanical disorders. Underhip and knee joints osteoarthrosis a good clinical results with a positive roentgenological dynamics can be achieved with help of extra articular correcting osteotomies. Their efficiency can be explained by influence on the basic links of the pathological process, improvement of centering of the mechanical axis of the extremity, joint congruence and stability, increase of the contact surface of the articulated joint surfaces, influence on active muscular components of joint stabilization, positive influence on the local microcirculation [2, 6].

Unfortunately, factors resulting in beginning and progressing of osteoarthrosis usually fail to be eliminated. Nevertheless, doctors should aim at their detection and correction. In addition, search for new economical and efficient methods of therapy and rehabilitation of patients is also of great importance. According to some sources [8, 9] a good clinical effect in patients with osteoarthrosis was achieved when applying dynamic electro stimulation (DENAS) in complex therapy. This method of therapy has some peculiarities, which enable to achieve a high efficiency and, at the same time, is very easy for application [I, 9]. During DENAS application, exposure is on biologically active zones and points with short current impulses of low frequency, which change their form in response to change of the skin electrical resistance in the sub electrode area.

During DENAS procedure, optimization of functioning of anti-nociceptive and trophic process in the pathologically changed tissues and organs is achieved due to local, segmental-reflex and general reactions. This provides for analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and tropho-stimulating effects [1]. Thus, DENAS application for healing osteoarthrosis is well-grounded theoretically.

Purpose of the present research was to assess DENAS efficiency and its influence on dynamics of clinical and laboratory indexes of patients with acute osteoarthrosis  of joints of extremities in the polyclinics conditions.

Materials and methods

31 patients with osteoarthrosis of knee and hip joints of 1- 11 degree were examined. Patients were divided into groups by the method of random nonrepeated sampling. The patients were divided into two groups (main group -19 people, and control group – 12 people). Average age of patients of the main group was 53.3 years (from 30 to 78 years), of the control group – 57.4 years (from 24 to 80 years). Average duration of the disease in the main group was 5.53±2.6 years, in the control group – 2.75±5.75 years (from one to 10 years). All patients passed an X-ray examination of joints. Before therapy patients of both groups had pain syndrome (100 %), edema of the affected joints (32.2 %), restriction of joints movement (100 %), reduction of the muscle strength (100 %). Dynamics of clinical symptomatology was assessed on the 5th and 15th days from the beginning of the therapy course. No significant differences by age. gender, degree of process activity and duration of the disease in the compared groups are present. Patients of the main and control groups had similar drug therapy; in addition, patients of the main group had dynamics electro stimulation (DENAS).

DENAS was applied in compliance with the recommended procedures [1]. Individual therapy recipe was selected for each patient at each therapy procedure. Zones were selected in accordance with the current clinical presentation. Skin surface over the affected joint was healed in the THERAPY mode at the maximum power level. Dynamics of the pain syndrome was the criteria of sufficiency of exposure on the said zone. therapy was finished when the pronounced analgesic effect was achieved (total relief or considerable reduction of pain). After that, the skin area symmetrical to the affected joint was healed in the TEST mode at the comfortable power level. The procedure was finished with therapy of universal zones; the trigger zones found, they were healed in the THERAPY mode at the comfortable power level (on average 3-5 minutes per each zone). Course apparatus therapy was finished after total regress of the pain syndrome

With application of dynamic electro stimulation (DENAS) for patients with osteoarthrosis a pronounced and fast analgesic effect was observed, regress of basic clinical symptoms was accelerated, therapy periods were reduced. Thus, we can make a conclusion that application of DENAS for patients with acute osteoarthrosis  of joints of the extremities is well grounded and advisable.

Taking into account chronic nature of the disease and relative simplicity ofDENAS methods in combination with high efficiency of the therapy, further research should be aimed at development of optimal individual strategies of application of DENAS therapy at home depending on the stage of the disease

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Understanding Pain

Denas Titanic

Understanding Pain

With Coach Jimmy K

Pain is the body’s natural alert system. When you are injured or have another underlying internal issue the pain alerts the brain through the nervous system where the issue is so the brain can produce neurotransmitters known as neuropeptides and endorphins so that the injury or infected area can begin to repair and heal.

Acute pain is directly correlated to the level of damaged or diseased tissue and the body has a natural protective reflex that makes one stop when it senses pain from an activity. When the damaged or diseased tissue heals then the pain generally subsides.

Depending on how severe the injury or internal issue is pain can persists after a reasonable healing period. This can be caused by extended use of pain medications and the age of the individual.

When a young child sprains their ankle in a sport event they exit the game for ten minutes and the body’s neuropeptides go to work rapidly naturally repairing the damaged ankle. Now fast forward 50 years and a 58 year old has the same ankle issue, it will now take much longer because as we grow older our bodies are polluted with toxins, preservatives and excessive use of medications that have caused the nervous system, endocrine and immune system not to work as they did at a young age.

Acute pain that continues for more than 3 to 6 months is labeled Chronic pain and even though the injury or damaged tissue has healed the pain continues. Therefore chronic pain can remain in the nervous system for weeks or months and even years and can be accelerated by stress, anxiety and lack of mobility or exercise. The body needs to be re-balanced and communication lanes between the brain and the nervous systems need to be repaired.

In the 1970’s a scientist named Alexander Kerasev created a technology called SCENAR that for over 40 years has allowed the body and brain to communicate on a neuro cellular level. That technology was improved in 1998 by DENAS MS Corporation and is now known as Dynamic Electro Neuro Adaptive Stimulation. Denas devices have been used by Hospitals, Clinics and Therapist for year with great results.

Through application of the device to affected area the nerve receptors in the skin transfer special frequencies to the brain and then the brain communicates to the central nervous system to address the pain or area of damaged or diseased tissue. I mentioned earlier that the younger you are the body heals faster but for someone over 50 years of age the body’s creation of these healing peptides have slowed down. Therefore the Denas device naturally gives the body the frequency that the brain and CNS needs to jump start the production of these endorphins and neuropeptides allowing the body to once again repair and heal itself naturally.

Remember that therapy and results depends on severity of the pain and whether it is acute or chronic. If you have been suffering from Chronic pain for years the Denas Therapy can relieve your pain naturally without drugs or side effects and through continued therapy Denas can help the body repair internal issues, but it takes the commitment and dedication of setting aside time each day for 2- 4 thirty minute sessions.

These can be in the morning or throughout the day and in the evening while you are relaxing or watching TV. No more stress about scheduling appointments.

The Denas PCM4 is compact, portable and easy to use and you do not need any special medical training to operate the unit.

For more information about DENAS products contact Denas Pain Relief Store, Located in Portland Oregon , Your USA Connection for Health & Wellness Products, Support & Training. They offer one on one customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 503-395-4142 . Customers also receive free lifetime training via, phone, email, Skype and You Tube Training videos

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Brachial Plexus Injuries, Causes and Treatments

Denas Brachial plexus 3

The brachial plexus is the network of nerves comprised of the C-5,6,7,8 and   T-1. The nerve bundle comes off the side of the neck and travels down and under the collar bone. The brachial plexus sends signals from your spinal cord to your shoulder, arm and hand.Brachial plexus injuries occur when these nerves are stretched, pinched, or in the most severe cases, ripped apart or detached from the spinal cord.

There are a variety of conditions that cause Brachial plexus injuries from sports impact traumas, inflammation, vehicle collisions, falling off a ladder or tree and landing on your shoulder. Most injuries are acute and will heal shortly with proper treatment and rest, but sometimes due to occupational task such as reaching up or lifting heavy items over your head tend to irritate and prolong healing and become chronic.

When these nerves of the brachial plexus become compressed, pinched, torn or stressed you may experience a wide variety of symptom such as muscle weakness, numbness, tingling, loss of feeling or sensation, pain and paralysis. If attended to early it can be addressed by physical therapy, rest and non invasive treatments. Because there is a broad spectrum of brachial plexus injuries and it’s hard to estimate the rate of recovery. The recovery depends on the type of injury and severity. Prognosis must be made for each patient depending on the type, severity and the progression of any recovery that may be occuring

Denas Therapy through neuropeptide production and endorphins offers a drug free non invasive solution. The technology has over 40 years of proven track record of repairing issues of edema and inflammation of internal health issues..Denas therapy using the PCM 4 can help eliminate the pain and help the body repair naturally.  For help with or questions about issues regarding Brachial Plexus

For more information about DENAS products contact Denas Pain Relief Store, Located in Portland Oregon , Your USA Connection for Health & Wellness Products, Support & Training. They offer one on one customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 503-395-4142 . Customers also receive free lifetime training via, phone, email, Skype and You Tube Training videos

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