New 2015 DENAS PCM 5th Generation

Denas PCM 5

 New 2015  DENAS PCM 5th Generation

A New Generation for Pain, Health & Wellness

The DENASPCM 5 new program “Baby Doctor” automatically sets the optimum power band during procedures in children using frequencies between 2 to 5 Hz, Experience has shown working with a higher power will cause the child pain and negative reaction to the impact of DENAS devices. Now there is no fear that the child alone will not benefit through Denas Therapy, and be sure that the procedures are carried comfortably without pain or discomfort.
The device can be used for a long time without causing addiction and reduction of impact in the treatment of pain, movement disorders, rehabilitation after injuries, operations. It features the ability to create individual treatment regimens.
 While maintaining all the previous 24 preset programs and therapy modes for first aid and a course of treatment, The New DENAS PCM 5 has been equipped with a fundamentally new feature of “Baby Doctor”
From experience the 24 preset modes are convenient for beginners and new users without the knowledge of the frequency modes for Denas Therapy. The frequency mode offers over 100 different choices to address many health and wellness issues.
When purchasing your Denas PCM 5 or other Denas device be sure that you purchase from someone that offers product training and support. There are many Web Based stores selling Denas products but fall short when it comes to customer support and training. The PCM 5’s menu and manual is offered in Russian language only and that alone can make it difficult to understand and operate the device.
Denas Pain Relief Store is highly ranked by Google because of their educational content onScenar, Denas Therapy and application of the Denas Technology, they also offer a collection of instructional and product videos provided free on You Tube. While there are others on the internet that offer Ultimate Denas Training that cost anywhere from $395.00 to several thousands of dollars, Denas Pain Relief Store provides Free Lifetime Training and Support to their customers worldwide.
Denas Pain Relief Store is located in Portland Or. and offers Lightning Fast Same Day Shipping Worldwide. With customer service that is second to none, we provide English translated manuals for all Denas products.Open 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week, you can always talk to someone live by calling us at 1-503-395-4142
Contact Denas Pain Relief Store for more information. Your Headquarters for Denas Products, Support & Training. The DENAS PCM 5 is a Brand New 2015 release with added modes that are not available on the prior Denas PCM 4 or Diadens PCM3.